Melrose High School Sports

Dutchmen Basketball

The Melrose Dutchmen ended their regular season with a 68-50 mark giving them an unbeaten regular season.  Dillon Haider, 19 points,  Brady Birch 18 points, Reegan Nelson 14 points led Melrose.

SC-M wrestling

Wrestlingback Results

Winter defeated Kallen Schauer of Grand Rapids 5-1 in the wrestlebacks. He faces Jack Vaselaar of Winona-Winona Cotter in the second round of wrestlebacks.

Quarterfinal Results

The season ended for Antonio Ortiz, 106,   after Kole Krause was defeated 7-5 in the quarterfinals.

Jordan Winter, 132 was sent to the wrestlebacks after falling 8-1 to Tyler Shackle in the quarterfinals. 

First Round Results

Both Antonio Ortiz, 106, and Jordan Winter faced opponents from Bloomington Kennedy in the first round.

Ortiz was pinned in his first match at 5:15 by Kole Krause. Whether Ortiz wrestles or not again depends on how Krause does. If Krause wins, Ortiz goes to the wrestlebacks. If Krause loses, Ortiz season is concluded.

Winter defeated Xavier Judge 7-0 and advances to the second round.

M-SC Fusion Swimming

The following M-SC Swimmers reached the championship, first to eighth, after the preliminaries of the Class swimming and diving meet were:

50FS: 7-Kenny Warzecha.

100FLY: 4-Kenny Warzecha.

Qualifying for the consolation height by finishing ninth to 16th were:

200MR: 9-Isaac Schreiner, Dylan Fleischhacker, Kenny Warzecha and Spencer Van Beck.

100BK: 10-Isaac Schreiner.

400FSR: 11-Kenny Warzecha, Nathan Douvier, Spencer Van Beck, Isaac Schreiner.

Also competing the preliminaries but not qualifying to swim on Saturday were

100FS: 24-Isaac Schreiner.

500FS: 18-Spencer Van Beck.

100BT: 17-Dylan Fleischhacker.

New Fusion records were set by Kenny Warzecha in the 50FS, 100FS and 100FLY. Isaac Schreiner in the 100BK; Dylan Fleischhacker in the 100BT, and by the 200FSR and 400FSR teams

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